Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the world is a big place!

It's safe to assume that I didn't see much of the world before I came to the California. After a few weeks of decompressing up at the barn, it was time for me to go out and learn about "out there". This nice girl named Ana offered to take me home to foster.

I was all excited as she put on the leash and we prepared to leave the barn and go off on a new adventure but then we got outside the gate and I saw the scariest thing ever! I hit the ground in fear, but then my curiosity kicked in (I am still a puppy, after all) and I sniffed the world's-scariest-object. Ana tried to reassure me, "don't worry, Catfish Jones, it's just a parked truck," while in her head she was thinking, "Oh boy, this is going to be a loooong journey."

It's true, I did miss a lot of milestones growing up, and I have a naturally demure personality. This means we have to play catch-up now, but there are a few things going in my favor: 1) I'm young (about 5 months when I got to the barn) 2) I'm curious, so even when I'm scared I still want to investigate, I don't shut down 3) I really dig people and it's possible to talk me through just about anything 4) I am a total food-hog and easily bribed.

The great news is that I've made a *ton* of progress in just a few weeks. I went from being frightened by the sight of a parked truck to being able to cruise down a busy, construction-filled street with barely a sideways glance. I've been going to work with Ana every day and meeting all sorts of new people.

I have a friend now named Xdog and she's been introducing me to her dog friends so I learn to play with dogs of all shapes and sizes. It's hard to make a serious face when you're playing so we look kinda stupid but boy are we having fun!

I've also learned to watch TV. It's fascinating!

Yep, slowly but surely I'm becoming a regular dog!

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  1. And very importantly, I see Ana has you decked out in a beautiful collar! :-)